Tulasi Mala Bracelet 8 mm 27 Beads

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Tulsi Bracelet 27 Prayer beads in Elastic. Premium quality.

Tulsi beads are made from Tulsi (Holy Basil) plant wood, considered as most sacred in India. Tulsi plant is worshipped in India and the food offered to Indian Gods is incomplete without the offering of Tulsi leaves along with it. Tulsi Mala provides protection to the wearer and is said to maintain Health, provide Peace of Mind and reduce Stress. They are used to worship Lord Krishna to honor him and to get his blessings.

Since these are handcrafted from natural tulsi plants, each bead is different.

Beads Size: 8 - 9 mm
Mala Length: 7.5 inches appx.
No of Beads: 27+1 beads

*Handknotted with tassel


Handicraft products are those products that are made in a traditional way, by skilled artisans using their hands rather than machines. At Yogis, the handicrafts products are authentic and 100% natural.