Kalash Dhoop Pot- Handmade Incense and Candle Holder. Unique Design

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🌺 Embracing Kalash Tradition in Illumination:
Our Kalash Dhoop Pot is inspired by the sacred Kalash, a symbol of purity and auspiciousness. Crafted with meticulous artistry, it captures the essence of this tradition, radiating elegance and making it a genuine masterpiece. Illuminate your surroundings and embrace the sacred Kalash tradition with this exquisite piece of craftsmanship.

🕯️ Antique Gold Finish: Wrought Iron & Brass Luminary:
Crafted from sturdy wrought iron sheets and meticulously coated with an antique gold finish, our Kalash Dhoop Pot is meticulously designed to hold your favorite incense cones or illuminate your space with the soft glow of a T-Light or LED light.

🌿 Enchanting Ambiance, Anywhere You Place It:
Whether it graces your living room, meditation space, or sacred altar, this lantern brings an authentic touch to your surroundings. Illuminate your home with the warm glow of tradition, creating a tranquil ambiance perfect for any occasion

🔩 Specifications:
Size: Diameter: 17cm, Height: 18cm, Handle: 11cm
Weight: 600g
Material: Wrought Iron
Style: Kalash Tradition

📦 Pack Content:
1 Kalash Dhoop Pot
1 Brass chain with hook 🔗

🪝When you buy Hanger:
The hanger includes a set of screws for easy installation. Additionally, the Mango Hanger comes adorned with 2 small brass bells 🔔, as shown in the picture.

💡 Versatile Illumination:
Use your favorite incense cones for a soothing aroma or insert a T-Light or LED light to create a tranquil ambiance. The Kalash Dhoop Pot Lantern enhances your spiritual rituals and decor, bringing timeless serenity to your sacred moments.

🔧 Care & Handling Instructions:
For Iron Lantern and Hanger: Made of Wrought Iron. Avoid using water or chemical-based cleaners. Clean with a dry cotton cloth. Apply wax polish on the outer area for a glossy shine.
For Brass Bells and Brass Chain: Made of Brass with an antique finish. For extra shine, use natural Tamarind, Brasso liquid, or Brass Metal Cleaner like Pitambari.

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