Copper Shiva Wall Panel - Medium

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“The word “Shi-va” means literally, “that which is not”. Shiva is Nothingness

This piece of abstract art is symbolic of the energies of Shiva and ‘nothingness’ that is experienced by a yogi. It features an interesting rendition of Shiva along with serpents against a crescent moon. 

“Shiva” also refers to the Adiyogi or the first yogi, and also the Adi Guru, the first Guru, who is the basis of what we know as the yogic science today, according to Sadhguru. And, this copper wall panel is the artist’s attempt to capture the essence of Shiva in an abstract way. Experience a cultural and spiritual metaphor in your ambiance with this thoughtful copper panel.

- High-quality wall panel made of copper

- Abstract rendition with deeper symbolism

- Features Shiva with serpents 


Size: How big is it? (in inches)

Length – 30 inches

Depth - 1.5 inches

Hight - 14 inches


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