Handi Pot T-Light Lantern: Culinary Legacy Illuminated

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🌾 Culinary Legacy Illuminated:
Inspired by the revered handi pots of traditional Indian kitchens, historically cherished for their slow-cooked delicacies, our Handi Pot T-Light Lantern captures the essence of authentic homemade cuisine. Illuminate your space with the enduring spirit of culinary heritage, paying homage to the art of traditional Indian cooking.

🕯️ Antique Gold Finish: Wrought Iron & Brass Luminary:
Crafted from sturdy wrought iron sheets and delicately coated with an antique golden finish, these lanterns effortlessly blend elegance with durability.

🌿 Enchanting Ambiance, Anywhere You Place It:
Whether it graces your living room, meditation space, or sacred altar, this lantern brings an authentic touch to your surroundings. Illuminate your home with the warm glow of tradition, creating a tranquil ambiance perfect for any occasion

🔩 Specifications:
* Size: Diameter: 13cm, Height: 11cm, Handle: 7.5cm
* Weight: 300g
* Material: Wrought Iron
* Style: Antique Gold Heritage

📦 Pack Content:
1 Handi Pot Lantern T-Light Candle 🕯️
1 Brass chain with hook 🔗

🪝When you buy Hanger:
The hanger includes a set of screws for easy installation. Additionally, the Mango Hanger comes adorned with 2 small brass bells 🔔, as shown in the picture.

💡 Versatile Lighting:
Illuminate your space with the warm glow of a tea light candle or opt for an LED light for a modern touch. The Handi Pot creates a captivating ambiance for any occasion.

🔧 Care & Handling Instructions:
* For Iron Lantern and Hanger: Made of Wrought Iron. Avoid using water or chemical-based cleaners. Clean with a dry cotton cloth. Apply wax polish on the outer area for a glossy shine.
* For Brass Bells and Brass Chain: Made of Brass with an antique finish. For extra shine, use natural Tamarind, Brasso liquid, or Brass Metal Cleaner like Pitambari.

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