Ebony Mala Knotted/Plain - 6mm & 8mm beads - with tussle

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Style: 6mm Knotted Mala

✔️ EBONY MALAS: Handmade in India. These Ebony malas can be of assist in meditation, prayers and provide protection. Ebony has long been the favourite wood among royalty in India. It has a heavy, almost black colour, jutting from the heartwood of the tree which is well known for its extreme durability

✔️ AVAILABLE BEADS SIZE: Beads are available in size 6mm & 8mm. The 6mm bead Mala comes as knotted and 8mm bead Mala comes as plain.

* Knotted Mala (6mm bead) - 18-19 inch/48-49cm length
* Plain Mala (8mm bead) - 20-21 inch/52-54cm length
* 8mm & 6mm beads (approx)
* 108+1 beads.
* 7-8cm (3inch) length Tussle

✔️ CONDITIONING: To keep the shine and color do not wear during bath or swimming. Keep out from too much exposure of sunlight.


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