Copper Bottle Hammerd 6 Yoga Posture Engraving

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Size: 1 Litre

Handmade Copper Bottle of highest quality. Hammered finish with 6 Yoga Engraving, bottle is a fine expression of craft-man ship. Ayurveda and Yogic science recommends copper. Water stored in a copper vessel, preferably overnight or at least for four hours, the water acquires a certain quality from the copper which is very good for your liver in particular and your health and energy in general. Water stored in copper tastes better. 99.9% pure copper, highest Copper Purity for making utensils. Complimentary Cotton Pouch Leak Proof : Excellent finish, comes with leak proof silicon washer, modern design & wooden cap. Expression of Craftsmanshsip : Copper tradition dates back to 4000BC, we work with passionate coppersmith who does this traditionally. Our bottle are finest expression of craftsmanship, their work is wide visible on the bottle. Health and Wellbeing : Copper a Natural Water purifier cleanse the molecular structure of water when stored for few Hours. Ayurveda encourage water stored in copper vessel over night and consumed in the morning on an empty stomach condition, it does wonders. Credit : Credit for the fine finish, yoga and leaf design goes to our passionate coppersmiths. They make our brand unique. Yoga Engraving : The bottle is engraved with asanas such as Namaskar, Nadi Vibhajan, Dhanurasana.


Handicraft products are those products that are made in a traditional way, by skilled artisans using their hands rather than machines. At Yogis, the handicrafts products are authentic and 100% natural.