Mahabharatha DVD

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A deep & mystical exploration through music, dance and spirituality. Mahabharat is an in-depth look into the wisdom of this immortal saga.

Comes with 8 DVD’s, topics outlined below.


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Embark on the epic journey that is mahabharat, a sojourn through the tides of time, where we follow the lineage of the Kuru clan, Budh, the illegitimate child of the Moon God, becomes the founder of the Chandravamshis and a family tree which includes Pandavas, Kauravas and Krishna himself.

  1. Yugas – The TIDES of Time.
  2. Of Boons and Curses
  3. Bhishma
  4. Enter Krishna – The Dark Mystic
  5. Poison of Hate
  6. Five Husbands
  7. Indraprastha – The city of woe
  8. The Gamble – Where Humanity was lost.
  9. Vanavasa Parva
  10. Agnatavasa Parva – Incognito
  11. Kurushetra – Beyound Fair and Unfair
  12. Dance of Destiny
  13. Vanaprastha – End of an Era
  14. Dharma Adharma
  15. Mahabharat – Living the Story
  16. Karna – The Fate’s Child