Leela – The path of the playful


Leela the path of the playful, a Unique Exploration with Sadhguru into the mystical realm of Krishna. An enthralling journey to explore the multifarious dimensions of Krishna.

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Sadhguru’s astute, loving guidance allows you to perceive and experience Krishna beyond the legend in a depth and dimension otherwise inaccessible to mere mortals. If asceticism is not your way, discover a path where joyful abundance and zest for life lead to ultimate transcendence.

This pack comes with 8 DVDS, a must have. 

  1. La Leela
  2. Leela is the way
  3. An Incarnation
  4. Blue Magic
  5. Krishna – A Miracle
  6. The Path of Divine
  7. Leela Begins Now
  8. Leela – the path of the playful