Unleashing the Mind, Enlightenment – What It Is ?, Circus of the Mind


Bundle of 3 Larger than pocket size book, each book speaks about 2 topics as follows.

Book 1 : Unleashing the Mind & Living Life to the Fullest

Book 2 : Enlightenment – What It Is & Leave Death Alone

Book 3 : Circus of the Mind & Dimension Beyond The Physical

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Dimension Beyond The Physical : Though every human being has the compulsiveness of the physical, he also has the consciousness of not being physical.

Circus of the Mind : If you try to make the limited unlimited, you will suffer.

Living Life to the Fullest : Nobody likes to be managed, but everybody longs to be included.

Unleashing the Mind : Your mind- that which should have been a ladder to the divine –  has unfortunately become a strairway to hell…

Enlightenment – What It Is ? : The most difficult thing about enlightenment is that it is too simple.

Leave Death Alone : Death is a fiction.