Snake Copper Ring


Wearing a metal ring, especially that of copper, by a seeker or a sadhaka on the ring finger stabilizes the body and provides the fundamental support for sadhana or spiritual practices. With the right kind of sadhana, wearing the snake ring can become a key to mystical dimensions of life. Sadhguru has spoken many times about the importance of wearing these rings for people into sadhana.

These simple and beautiful copper snake rings are made in the Isha Yoga Center under Sadhguru’s guidance and go through a process of consecration before they are offered to seekers.

These rings are adjustable, as you can see in the picture. However, for proper sizing we do recommend that you get yourself sized before you purchase. If that is not convenient, you can see the following website for sizing information: Ring Sizing The Isha Craft copper rings are to be worn on the left ring finger. Pls select your size as would fit over the knuckle. These rings are meant to be worn at all times.


Small Ring Diameter – 0.6 inch (18 mm to 20 mm)
Medium Ring Diameter – 0.8 inches (21 mm to 23 mm)
Large Ring Diameter – 1 inch (23 mm to 25 mm)

Snake Ring Size

Small, Medium, Large