Organic Cotton

Organic Cotton Yoga Rug-Blue - Infinite

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✔️ OBSERVE & RETAINS YOUR ENERGY: Traditional cotton is recommended for Yogic Practices. Cotton observes and retains your energy. You keep practicing on the same yoga mat, your yoga becomes part of you. Next time you do your practice, it's effortless.

✔️ BETTER GRIP: Our premium cotton eco mats provide a better grip. Cotton observes the sweat and this, in turn, provides a better grip. A better solution is if you sweat more.

✔️ HYGENIC / MACHINE WASH AT HANDWASH MODE: You can machine wash our yoga mat but in slow handwash mode. Cotton yoga mats are more hygienic than their synthetic & rubber counterparts as you can wash them periodically.

✔️ LARGE SIZE MAT – We weave our mats longer and wider 27” x 75”, ie. 68cmx190cm. They perform well for both men and women, this mat works well for most styles of yoga, even Kundalini yoga.

✔️ INDOOR AND OUTDOOR USE - Our yoga mats can be used outdoors for extended periods without affecting the guarantee. Our 2.4 lbs / 1.1 kg mats are lightweight and easy to take to the studio or for travel.

✔️ GOTS CERTIFIED - SUSTAINABLE: Global Organic Textile Standards Organic Cotton & Dyes. A certification for ECO FRIENDLY and SUSTAINABLE organic cotton products that comply with environmental criteria (no use of toxic chemicals) & social criteria (no child labor, safe and hygienic working conditions, no excessive hours). Right now we have GOTS certification for the thread & dyeing process.

✔️ YOGA TEACHERS & STUDIOS & BUSINESS PURCHASE: We are happy to give a better rate if you buy 5 mats or more either for your class, yoga studio, or business resale. Drop us a message, and we can discuss.


Handicraft products are those products that are made in a traditional way, by skilled artisans using their hands rather than machines. At Yogis, the handicrafts products are authentic and 100% natural.