Isha Consecrated

Linga Bhairavi Devi Pendant Silver [Consecrated]

Regulärer Preis
Regulärer Preis

Size: Small

Chain: Red Thread

Feel the fiery yet compassionate energy of Linga Bhairavi with this precious pendant. For all those who seek to live life intensely, Devi’s presence and grace can assist in the process. Bhairavi strengthens three chakras of the human system. This helps in stabilizing one’s body and mind and regulating the energy system within. For those who want to live a fuller life, Devi’s blessings can assist in the process.

This sanctified silver pendant was offered to Devi and was left at her feet for a certain period of time to absorb the energy. The intricately crafted pendant is made of silver and represents Devi in all her glory. The beautiful pendant also features Devi yantra on the rear. The pendant will constantly remind you of Devi’s presence in your life. When you wear it, you feel connected to Devi as you keep her close to your heart. 

The pendant Comes with a Silver chain, you can choose 18inch, 20inch, or 22 inches.

Small Pendant: Length - 3 cm, Width - 1.4 cm, Weight - 6 gms
Medium Pendant: Length - 3.5 cm, Width - 2 cm, Weight - 13 gms
Large Pendant: Length - 3.8 cm, Width - 2 cm, Weight - 19.5 gms

Why Isha Linga Bhairavi Silver Pendant?

* Consecrated pendant of Linga Bhairavi
* Made of Silver
* Features intricate representation of Devi
* Devi yantra at the back

How to wear this pendant?

* If you wish to wear this pendant with a necklace/thread of your choosing, the material must be copper, silver, gold, or silk.
* Please do not wear any of the Linga Bhairavi pendants with any other metals or materials.
* The pendant can be worn by anyone of any age. 

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Very happy with Devi pendant! beautiful❤
Thank you!


🙏🏼I love it 🙏🏼


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