Death - An Inside Story

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This book encompasses the gamut of questions that have arisen in every seeker’s mind at some point or another. Questions about fear, desire, suffering, commitment, free will, determinism, God, faith, love, morality, self-deception, doubt, karma, the spiritual path, the mind, the body, disease, healing, madness, death, dissolution. And more.

Death is a taboo in most societies in the world. But what if we have got this completely wrong? What if death was not a catastrophe that it is made to be, but an essential aspect of life, rife with spiritual possibilities for transcendence? For the first time, someone is saying just that.

In this unique treatise-like exposition, Sadhguru dwells extensively upon his inner experience as he expounds the more profound aspects of death that are rarely spoken about. From a practical standpoint, he elaborates on what preparations one can make for one’s death, how best we can assist someone who is dying and how we can continue to support their journey even after death.

Whether a believer or a disbeliever, a devotee or an agnostic, an accomplished seeker or a simpleton, this is truly a book for all those who shall die!

Sadhguru reveals more about the Death Book and how its raw and direct approach is bound to cause a lot of disturbance.

Customer Reviews

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Hortensia Ortún
Always a must …thanks


Vincent Foik

Death - An Inside Story


Estoy fascinada leyendo el libro!!! Es una joya!!! Un legado maavilloso de Sadhguru.


Must read


for those of you who are fans of sadhguru i feel that you will find this book to be very interesting for those of you who are not familiar with sadhguru i feel you will find this book engaging also he explains to you step by step what happens during death he writes in a way that almost anyone with an open mind can understand
I feel he is attempting to relieve people of the fear of death so that people can be free to fully embrace and experience life I highly recommend this book


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