Jeevarasam [CONSECRATED]

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Specially designed by Sadhguru for our well-being, Jeevarasam is a small oval-shaped burnished metal container, with a serpent in a protective position coiled around it. It is filled with energized vibhuti, which is sacred ash, consecrated at Dhyanalinga at the Isha Yoga Center. You need to place this sacred Jeevarasam in a vessel (preferably copper or mud) of water to consecrate the water. Within three hours, the water will be consecrated and ready to be consumed. 

Using a Jeevarasam is a simple way to energize your water, and to bring harmony and balance to your system. You can drink this water every day or use this water in rituals and poojas. It can also be taken on long journeys or overnight stays, to constantly get high-energy water, anywhere and everywhere. One Jeevarasam can energize up to 25 liters of water at a time! 


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