I am Rama, I am a Isha Hatha Yoga Teacher. I run his shop to support people who are involved in Yoga. Its my aspiration I provide the best product for all my customer. Most of the product is personal used, experimented & checked by me and group of Yoga Teachers before we offer here for our customer to buy.

The business is open for solo buyer, Yoga teachers who run studios or want to sell in their studios. Contact me for more details.

Email : karma@yogis.shop

Phone : +351 969947081 / +44 7900360096 (+whatsapp)

Your feedbacks are valuable. Feel free to leave your feedback as well.

Yogis shop is a brandname of Vairagya Yoga Ltd. Company Name : Vairagya Yoga Ltd. Registration No : 7342361


Feel free to reach us at

Mobile : (+351) 969 947 081 (+ whatsapp)
Email: rama@yogis.shop
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